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i write web apps, and i also write about writing web apps. if writing web apps is wrong, i dont wanna be write :-)

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“Do not be afraid, It is I”

“But when he (Peter) saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink..” ~ Matthew 14:30 The passage above is from the Gospel account of Jesus walking on water, and Peter too soon after him. But Peter looked the raging winds and became afraid and began to sink. Fortunately, Jesus caught him [...]

Write your own PHP5 MVC framework

Let there be Lite Although there are as many frameworks out there as there are programmers, very few frameworks allow the programmer room to code his/her own way. Most are bloated with libraries and features you will never use. And most impose arcane rules to application development, creating a whole new programming language the programmer [...]

Malcom X

Malcolm X stressed the global perspective he had gained from his international travels. He emphasized the “direct connection” between the domestic struggle of African Americans for equal rights with the liberation struggles of Third World nations.[183] He said that African Americans were wrong when they thought of themselves as a minority; in a global context, [...]